Sunday, May 09, 2004

Alan King, RIP

PoliBlog: Alan King, RIP: "Alan King, RIP

Comic Legend Alan King Dies at 76
Alan King, whose tirades against everyday suburban life grew into a long comedy career in nightclubs and television that he later expanded to Broadway and character roles in movies, died Sunday at the age of 76."

I heard this news today at about 3:30. Another legend has passed, I am sorry to say. Among his bits, outside of his rants on suburbia, involved a stay he had in the hospital, an obnoxious nurse, and a glass of apple juice. I cannot do it justice, but trust me, if you see any retrospect on him, do watch it.

Another bit he mastered was making the audience roll as he read from the phone book.

Heaven, once again, is a little funnier tonight.

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