Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Warmth deficit

Inside Politics / The Washington Times INSIDER: "Warmth deficit

Democrat John Kerry 'doesn't warm anybody up,' and organized labor must help him create an emotional bond if fence-sitting union members are to vote for him in November, according to focus groups of undecided union voters.

But these union members find President Bush likable and strong, 'with a nice family and good moral values,' said a memo of results prepared for the AFL-CIO and obtained by the Associated Press. The focus groups were conducted last month in St. Louis and Philadelphia by Lake Snell Perry & Associates, a Democratic firm.

The findings offer fresh evidence that Mr. Kerry's reputation for aloofness is a hurdle the presumptive Democratic nominee must overcome -- even among his party's core constituencies, the AP reports. And despite the acidity labor leaders direct toward Mr. Bush and his policies, he still appeals to a segment of union members, namely the Reagan Democrats. "

Strange.. haven't read this or heard this on any news programs

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