Tuesday, April 27, 2004

So-called Current Republican Argument

According to Oliver Willis, the reasoning goes like this:

"Senator Kerry, release your military records so we can reveal your excellent performance reviews and compare them to President Bush's middling and missing ones."

I guess we're playing that game now.

To Sen. Kerry and to Oliver I say this: If the Senator personally promised to open his own records, then he ought to do so or be called on the latest flip-flop. We've seen all of the detail of then-Lt. Bush's service record (not to mention his dental exams), and have had eyewittness accounts of his service. On the other hand, there are growing numbers of men who served alongside Sen. Kerry who are even asking for his service records.

So, yes Oliver, the Senator should not have continued to pull the campaign into the 1970's and instead tell us what he will do differently if he were president.

Incidentally, hadn't Sen. Kerry promised he would not touch the NatioanL Guard service of George Bush??? Must have be yet another flip-flop...

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