Monday, April 26, 2004

Sleep - *HUH* What is it good for??

Michele was answering questions as a way to encourage donations to her wonderful charitble exercise - the Sprit of America (which I mentioned last week), and I encourage each reader to click over to her site and pledge what you can.

One of the questions she answered regarded sleep, and I was inspired to write about that very same topic. And mind you, I am doing this on my lunch hour, which is important to note as it will become apparent shortly.

I don't get 'sleep', myself. What an utterly underproductive act!

What is sleep?

If my body needs physical rest, I ought to sit or lay down (I do those now, in fact), but not lose consciousness. Why is the act of becomming 'out of it' connected to physical wear?

If it is a release of my subconcious (to dream), then what point is there in imaginging things that are not or (potentially) cannot be; or, in a word, daydreaming? At least I stand a chance of remembering my daydreams, as opposed to my sleep-dreams. In fact, right now I have the image of a beach in my mind, with a perfect sunset (not to mention a gorgeous woman, but I digress). Why should such use of my imaginantion wait for me to largely 'forget' this thought?

On a weekly basis, I average 5 hours per night, but that stat is misleading. During the work-week, I typically get 4 hours of sleep each night, Saturday I get about 8, and Sunday's fluxuate around 7-8. Rarely do I get more than that, and certainly not enough to affect the average appreciably.

Why so little? A combination of two factors:

1) I leave for work so early that for me to retire in order to get the mandated '8 hours' of sleep would require me to bed down at about 7:30 each evening, and that's hardly any fun.

2) Because I *CAN*

Add to that a schedule involving Tae Kwon Do, Cub Scouts Den Leader duties, and the whole host of other tasks a parent, spouse and homeowner engage in and you see why I have such little free time.

Now that's not to say I don't get 'tired', because Lord knows that's not so. But I get by on this sleep largely because I can, and I've done so for quite sometime now. As it is, on the odd days I am compelled to sleep more, I give up lunch for a nap in my car. On those extremembly rare days I know I need a nap, I'll pull over and sleep for 20 or so minute and will be right as rain.

If I could do away with those 35 hours per week, I would in a heartbeat. I'd spend more time with the family and be productive in ways I haven't the time to be today.

What else could sleep be used for if not the reasons I listed above?

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