Wednesday, April 28, 2004

PoliBlog (et al) Gets Results!

PoliBlog: PoliBlog Gets Results!: "Earlier today {PoliBlog} noted:
Kerry risks creating yet another example of flip-flopping by personally attacking the President's Guard service, since in 1992, in defending Bill Clinton's lack of Viet Nam service, he said the following on the Senate floor: (the rest in this post)

And now:

Bush campaign spokeswoman Nicolle Devenish said Kerry is 'doing exactly what he said he would never do, 'divide America over who served and how.'' She was referring to Kerry's defense of Bill Clinton in 1992 when critics said the future president was a draft dodger who avoided service in Vietnam.

Whaddya know."

Knowing PoliBlog gets considerably more hits than this Blog does, I'll tip my hat in their direction.

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