Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Pimping the book: A good idea or no?

Wonkette is all abuzz about team Bush making Bob Woodward's PLAN OF ATTACK a suggested read:

BC04 Official Site Pimps the Wrong Book: "We took a screen shot because sooner or later someone at BC04 is going to realize that it looks really bad to be recommending this book along with all the expected ones:


I, on the other hand, think they've got it right. For starters, other than a brief few inaccuracies and some mischaracterizations that have been made about the reaction of Secy. Colin Powell to the war -- which were all cleared up in both an AP Radio interview on the Sean Hannity Radio program -- there's precious little in this tome the Bush Team has spoken about.

And even so: why would any one expect any form of censorship?

Here's a bet: This link won't come down any time today, tomorrow, or the rest of the week.

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