Monday, April 05, 2004

Nickeloden Kids' Choice isn't mine

Gothamist mentioned the Nick Kids' Choice Award shown last night.

In her review she mentioned one of the reasons my kids didn't see it last night, and are not likely to see it in the future:

Gothamist: If Only We Were Kids Again: "But the best was Outkast's acceptance speech (for winning Best Song - 'Hey Ya'):

'Thank you for inviting us to your award show,' the group's singer, Andre 3000, told a crowd filled with mostly screaming kids. 'We're having a great time, and it is so great to learn how to read. You have to read, that's it, and count, and all that type of stuff. Stay away from drugs.'

Big Boi added: 'We love you, yeah. And don't forget to tell your parents to get out and vote.'

Gothamist loves musicians with a message who also sign a song about man-whores and big guls needing love to kids."

Forgetting for a moment the lyrics of their hit song (as if we could), do we really need illiterates on stage telling our kids about the benefits of education?

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