Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Naming Children

KC Lemson, a Microsoft employee, departs from her routine MS Outlook postings to discuss naming children; always a daunting task!

Early on I realized that Asher Owen Lemson wasn't going to work - not because of where we work, but because we respect the right of the CD-ROM to actually be used in a computer rather than as a coaster. For a related reason, Levi Own Lemson was out - reminds me too much of annoying teenagers, or most of the average folk who hang out on the net.
I am not sure anyone would consider me 'average' for the times I've used LOL, but her points were well made and funny. Read the rest of her naming challenge here.

Expanding on the process she listed for choosing a name, that

#1: Would this get my kid beat up on the playground?
#2: Would these initials spell a word that he or she would be taunted by for years to come?
#3: Does the first name rhyme with a part of the body that kids find fascinating and gross?

I offered a simple test I used when picking a name with my much-better-half for our sons:

HEY! Give me your lunch money, _blank_!

See? Fill in the blank and you'll know if you have a good name, especially for boys.

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