Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Miss USA Is A Republican

Shandi Finnessey, the recently-crowned Miss USA, is a Republican and plans to use her reign to defend the U.S.A.'s mission in Iraq."

Miss USA (R)

From Reuters:
A Republican, she told Reuters she would use her position to help explain America's involvement in Iraq. "What needed to be done had to be done," she said.

During the final question category, she was asked what serves her better in life -- experience or education. She immediately chose the former, saying "You can have all the book knowledge in the world, but to have the knowledge from experience. ... I think that teaches you more knowledge than anything you could possibly read in a book."

Since it is well established in this Blog that I am a male-chauvinistic pig, I'll simply state that I agree with Miss USA.

Hat tip for the story goes to Say Anything ; read the full post to note the differences between Miss Finnessey's stated position and the pagents owner, Donald Trump. (Full disclosure: I have been an avid fan of Mr. Trump since reading his Art of the Deal some 15 years ago. I believe he embodies Capitalism at its best, but he is also wrong in matters of foreign policy.)

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