Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mets Take Home Opener

Gothamist: Mets Win Home Opener: "Yesterday, on a drizzly afternoon day, with several players out or banged up with injuries, the Mets defeated the Braves, 10-6 (box score). The Mets have started the season by learning to win without their star players. Mike Piazza, Jose Reyes, Cliff Floyd, and Karim Garcia (we don't really consider him a 'star') were all out with injuries. Despite the weather, loyal fans turned out, finding reasons to cheer, as the Mets tried to capture some old magic."

Truth be told, baseball is the only sport I take a considerable interest in, and by typical, contemporary standards that isn't much. I can't quote stats from memory, I'll barely name a dozen or so players in the combined leagues, and I've been to one game in over 17 years (and that was a minor league game -- The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons were defeted by the Toledo Mudhens- a team that I previously thought existed soley in the mind of Cpl. Klinger. ).

But having been born in Corona, NY -- the actual home of the Mets (and also home to the USTA National Tennis Center) despite what people may tell you otherwise -- I still remain true to my local team. I spent 13 years a little over a mile from Shea Stadium, later moving a bit further away (less than 10 miles), and now live in Pennsylvania, but I will always root for them.

Whenever the Mets have a big win -- and they do have them, from time to time, like when they met the Yankees in the World Series in 2000 -- I think back to the days I ran up and down Nicolls Avenue shouting 'You Gotta Believe'...

I was all of 5 back then. Guess some memories never die. A tip of my hat to the Mets on their good start; lets hope they end up in the post-season, or at the very least in the top-3.

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