Friday, April 16, 2004

Getting screwed while being laid up

Rob from SayAnything brought this gem to my attention:

From Reuters:

A man laid up in hospital with multiple fractures telephoned out for a prostitute to help him end weeks of sexual frustration.
But it ended up costing more than he bargained for, police said on Wednesday; unable to walk, he gave the woman his bank card to collect her fee and she helped herself to his cash.
What kind of an idiot hires a prostitute to come to their hospital room? I guess it happens more often then you'd think, according to this excerpt from the article.
"I'm told it's a common problem in hospitals. People get frisky," said Wolfgang Jungnitsch, a police inspector from Nordhessen district in central Germany.
This idiot, however, not only hired a prostitute but also gave her his bank card and pin number so she could get money out of his account for payment.
The 47-year-old car crash victim had asked the woman, described in her newspaper ad as "Blonde Angel, aged 18," to take 150 euros ($185) from his bank account.

Only later did he discover she had taken 2,000 euros -- all the more expensive since he had taken cold feet for fear of getting caught and had sent the woman away without having sex.

Not sure which is sadder: the fact the guy gave away his PIN to a pro, or that he filed a police report. Somewhere in this story is an argument for legalized prostitution (as discussed perviously), but I'm too tired to go there now...

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