Monday, April 05, 2004

The Floo Floo Boird

A double-shot of Sean today.... and I am ashamed I hadn't read William Safire's column yet, but had to read this piece from Everything I Know Is Wrong:

An excellent, un-biased article in, of all places, the New York Times. William Safire tries to point our gaze back to where it should be. Ahead.

The Floo Floo Bird
WASHINGTON — The architect Frank Lloyd Wright warned of the floo floo bird, "the peculiar and especial bird who always flew backward . . . because it didn't give a darn where it was going, but just had to see where it had been."

That's us. With our eyes fixed on our rearview mirror, we obsessively review catastrophes past when we should be looking through our windshield at dangers ahead.

Today we are engaged in the wrong debate. The brouhaha about whether the new Bush administration treated the threat of Al Qaeda as "important" versus "urgent" is history almost as ancient as whether F.D.R. did enough to avert Pearl Harbor.

The you-should-have-known inquisition, with this week's target Condoleezza Rice, is surrogate for a more contentious backward glance: Did concern about missile defense and the refusal of Saddam to permit U.N. inspections somehow keep us from preventing 9/11?

Read the whole thing (it's excelent).

Indeed he is right; excellent!

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