Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Courtship rituals: Prostitution in disguise?

I read a piece on ~Unsettled~ where Kathleen detailed an 'overheard at work' moment wherein a guy whined about not getting 'any' after he spent an evening with his girlfirend in a bar (at least he thought she was his girlfriend). Now lest you think his whining was justified -- which I don't -- his manner in relaying his displeasure to his now-ex-girlfriend is most despicable; read ~Unsettled~ for the full story (but don't forget to come back here when you're done). For her part, Kathleen correctly labeled this guy a Neanderthal for the way he handled things with his former girlfriend, and I think the gal in question responded in a most suitable manner.

Be that as it may, Kathleen's subject line of her post,
If You Wanna Buy Some Ass, Perhaps You Should Call A Hooker, while being amusing also provoked thought in me. For starters, I've been married to my much-better-half for 14 years now, so I don't pretend to be up on current dating procedures, but I don't imagine things have changed THAT much over the years. Beyond that, while being in favor of women in business and of all things being equally accessible among the genders, I am an old fashioned chauvinistic pig when it comes to paying for a date; I would not be diametrically opposed to a gal paying my way on a date, but I would do so only after putting my best efforts to pay instead. Am I a 21st Century male? This kind of thinking probably indicates I am not; so be it.

That being said, there's always been this subset of the male species that thinks 'well, Hell... I went to the damned chick flick, I bought you dinner, so lets even the score with you putting out.'

My question is simple: How is this kind of mindset any different from prostitution? And with the common attitudes of people I know from both genders -- and even the dozens of pop culture references -- this begs the question of why prostitution is illegal in much of the Union.

Even if we remove the immediacy of the date/sex, I can hardly think of any who, when -- faced with 4th or 5th date and 'nothing' happening -- would continue seeing this other person at all. And that goes for people I know from both genders.

Is it the immediacy of 'here's the cash, lets have sex' that makes hookers seem distasteful? Or perhaps have back-alley call girls given upscale ones a bad reputation? What is it that makes one act 'prostitution' and another act a 'score'?

Needless to say, if I ever ventured to a prostitute, my much-better-half would make damned sure to exceed Lorenna Bobbit's excess, to say the least, so please do not construe this piece as anything remotely endorsing violating anyone's trust.

These kind of thoughts will consume me in my commute, but for now I better get back to work. I throw open the floor to your thoughts and observations.

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