Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Catching up

...where this Blog plays catch-up on a number of heretofore missed points.

I've been busy at work this week, and my routine of getting a mean of 5 hours of sleep per night (and that includes sleeping late on Saturday) is a particular drag of late, so I've missed some headlines (yeah, yeah, I had time for Miss USA, I know).

So then:

  • President Bush's press conference: Fantastic. Despite the critics who will point out his sometimes mispronounced words, the content of his message means more to me (and, arguably, the people of the nation and world) than his verbal skills. He came out on message, in no uncertain terms. I'd take to task his prep team for not handing him a 'what were your mistakes' answer. While I think such a question is useless -- be it in a job interview or press conference -- I seem to be in the minority on that point.

  • 9/11 Commission continues to show its partisan stripes. I nearly drove off the road when I had heard Attny General Janet Reno blame the Reagan Administration (here's a clue, Ms. Reno: there was another president after Mr. Reagan). Instead of the committee members continuing to pontificate about the current events in Iraq and the US Economy, they ought to remember their charge and stick to the topic. Sadly, the blatant partisanship, coupled with a lackluster media, will let this dog and pony show go unabated.

  • The insurgents in Iraq must be put down, and with a heavy hand. Remember they never used to take civilians, be they Contractors or Journalists. Why are they now? They know their days are numbered. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, a lesson that is often forgotten (see the US' position on Israel and Hamas, et al)

  • I used to defend Andy Rooney. Often. On many different points. I remained silent on his 'review' of The Passion of the Christ (and on Imus), mostly chalking up his opinions to that of a crank old man (which he's admitted as much on Imus' show frequently). But his recent piece, commented on greatly on other Blogs, tells me his contempt for President Bush has eclipsed his better judgment. I am not one to suggest censoring him, I just know I won't enjoy his witty comments any longer.

  • The St. Petersburg (Florida) Democratic Club has put a hit out on Secy. Donald Rumsfeld. Tell me again the Right is the party that fosters hate. Then tell me how many pols - especially in Florida, but in the national spotlight as well (including Sen. Kerry) - condemn the statements made in that heinous ad.

    Oh wait, the Left never say anything they regret, I forget that...

    That's enough out of me for now...

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