Monday, April 26, 2004

Cars and Dancing

There was a time, I am sure, that people would connect 'cars and dancing' with something like of, I don't know, American Graffitti. Or, taking something from a less-ancient era, the big dance scene in Rod Stewart's Young Hearts. My dancing skills are on par with that of a slug (my apologies to slugs). At my wedding reception my much-better-half donned a pair of OSHA-approved steel-tipped shoes (do you have any idea how hard it is to get them in white??). My Tae Kwon Do instructor thinks he can get me to become more "coordinated" with the threats of push-ups (he can't, but my biceps
are showing improvement). Regardless, while it is clear I know precious little about dancing, it is not quite the point of this post.

This is : while catching up with Jen's Very Big BlogI came across this: the Roanoke Ballet's NASCAR Ballet

Now to dispell some populat misconceptions, people who enjoy NASCAR are not all rednecks. In fact, it's a more popular sport than NFL, which can be evidenced by the tracks decidedly north of the Mason-Dixon line. And as to its fans I can point to my much-better-half who has been a fan of NASCAR since she was a child; and while we are hardly at odds at all times politically, she would more htan bristle at any mention to her being Conservative.

She and our oldest boy are hard-core NASCR fans... I am lucky to understand about half of the rules, just so I have something to say during Sunday dinner.

Be that as it may: NASCAR BALLET???

As Vice President Cheney said durign the now infamous debacle over the 2000 election: "It makes you scratch your head and wonder 'What the hell is going on'."

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