Tuesday, April 06, 2004

As the economy unmistakably grows, whats next for Sen. Kerry?

In Dick Morris's latest column, he talks about what's next for Sen. Kerry's campaign:

Without the economy to use as a hot button issue to attract voters, the Democratic Party is likely to begin to focus instead in Medicare and Social Security, raising alarms and fears about Bush's privatization alternatives and attacking the prescription-drug benefit. A nice countermove would be to focus on Kerry's support for higher taxes on Social Security recipients and the fact that he missed the vote on Bush's prescription-drug legislation.

The Democrats really have no issues and their candidate is way too far to the left. The hiring of John Sasso, competent as he may be, is indicative. Kerry seems destined to run the worst Democratic campaign since Mike Dukakis, Sasso's previous employer.

Read the whole thing here.

Lets also keep in mind President Bush Social Security proposal involves allowing workers to ELECTIVELY take 1-2% of their Social Security monies to be invested privately. This is not 'privatization' as the critics cry, but a way to let people have some control (IF THEY WANT) over their retirement.

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