Monday, March 29, 2004

Rush on 'The Margolis Incident'

"Rush Limbaugh on 'The Margolis Incident"

Some visitors have expressed interest in Rush Limbaugh's Stack of Stuff regarding 'The Margolis Incident.' For viewers who do not have Rush 24/7 Membership, Rush's written commentary is being posted here:

The Boston Herald: 'Mayor Thomas M. Menino has slapped a gag on the Boston Fire Department Acappella Quartet, banning the group from singing during tonight's visit to Boston by President Bush.' His excuse? The Bush fund-raiser was 'too political,' but a political party's convention isn't! The American Spectator quotes a Kerry advisor saying they wanted to use the group at a fund-raiser last year, and at the convention.

Quote: 'We think the Bush people knew about those plans and they tried to embarrass us by using these singers first.' Who cares if they show up both places? This is the level of hatred, which is further illustrated by an event at a Park Plaza Hotel fund-raiser for Bush where Bush-hating union members attacked two brothers who support the president. 'They told us to get out of here or we'd get beaten up,' said Matt Margolis. Margolis said, 'I support your freedom of speech, please support mine.'

He urged the protestors off their perches, at which point they attacked his brother and tore their pro-Bush signs apart. One union thug, who refused to give his name, claimed that the brothers instigated the brawl. But we get an indication of this unnamed assailant's ability to tell the truth from his claim: "Bush wants to get rid of unemployment insurance and overtime." How many times has Bush extended unemployment insurance, and when has he ever said he wants to get rid of overtime?

How can the president do that even if he wanted to? The Bush-haters – identified as "Bush opponents" by a sympathetic press – "held signs that read, 'Get the Terrorists Out of the White House.'" There you go. Typical Democrats. The pro-Bush signs bore the substantially more civil slogan: "A Vote for Bush is a Vote for Freedom." You know that got the Democrats mad, because to them the election has nothing to do with freedom. It's about getting Democrats back in power."

Oh wait, Rush is considered to be inconsequential by his critics... I forgot! Thanks to Blogs for Bush

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