Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Philly gets a repreive, but Union can't let it go

Following my post of last week, MTV has been gracious enough to work in Philly with their Real World program.

Not one known for leaving sleeping dogs lie (unless they had a union card), the Union shows their thanks:

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/30/2004 | Carpenters picket 'Real World' site:

"The carpenters' union yesterday briefly picketed outside the building that will house the MTV series The Real World - six days after the city announced that the show's producers had reconsidered their decision to leave Philadelphia after unions had settled their disputes and agreed not to picket.

The 2 1/2-hour picket line, which went up about 10:30 a.m., was viewed as a signal that the carpenters were unhappy with the 'memorandum of understanding' that the city announced last Tuesday.

Pat Gillespie, who heads the Philadelphia Building Trades Council and who represented the carpenters and other construction unions in talks with the city last week, said in a brief interview that the carpenters' issue was resolved. He declined to elaborate.

Negotiators last week indicated that all unions had signed off on the confidential agreement, whose terms were said to have included a mix of union and nonunion workers at the job site."

So this shows Pat Gillespie is either unable to communicate with the people he represents, or they don't care what he says. Either way, this is a poor showing for Unions and Philadelphia.

Good going, unions!!

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