Monday, March 29, 2004

More on 'The Margolis Incident'

From Whomping Willow :

I was alerted by Glenn Reynolds to a comment left on Margolis' post:

Hitler had his beliefs, just like Matt has his. Sometimes violence is the only way to show people how devastatingly bad their ideas are. When society is so distraught about policy that individuals feel the need to take violent action, revolution is not only expected, but neccessary. I’m no union man, but I’d have probably taken a swing at you too.

Read that again: "Sometimes violence is the only way to show people how devastatingly bad their ideas are."

Who The f&*$ Says things like that?? Someone like 1 Hot Dem, apparently. I am dumbfounded. I thought that was what civil discourse was for, but then again, I am assuming these people are civil. Bad assumption. Don't you love people who claim that not only do they feel a certain way, but the entire society feels that way too and it's only their 'expected' duty to act like stone age people and start beating the crap out of people who don't fall into line?

The fact is, regardless of any logic or rationale virulent Bush-haters may possess and even show in other areas of their lives, the nature of the position they have taken (i.e. Bush is evil, Bush is bad, etc.) is founded in emotion only and is therefore indefensible save for an emotional outburst, such as violence.

So what am I saying? Be careful out there guys. I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better. Not only are we facing foreign enemies, we are facing domestic ones as well. 1 Hot Dem made that very clear. Watch your six.

I ask again: Why are the Republicans always called the "mean-spirited" party??

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