Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Failing Teachers are protected

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/31/2004 | Pa. refusing to release data on teacher tests:

"The Pennsylvania Department of Education has refused a request by The Inquirer to reveal how many middle school teachers failed certification exams in each of the state's 501 school districts.

Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, seventh- and eighth-grade teachers must have certification in the subjects they teach by June 2006. Teachers who do not have the certification can obtain it by passing exams in those subjects.
Last week, the Philadelphia School District released data - which it obtained from the Education Department - showing that half of its seventh- and eighth-grade teachers who took the exams in English, math, social studies and science failed.

But people outside Philadelphia - including in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties - do not know how their school district's teachers performed.
That upsets Chester taxpayer Genevieve Christopher, a resident of the Chester Upland School District in Delaware County. She wants to know how many teachers there failed."


With attitudes like this, is it any wonder why public schools in Philly (and in far, too many other disticts in the country) are in the sad state they are?? The old argument that 'teachers are under paid' doesn't fly when so many can't pass the tests to demonstrate they know their assigned courses!

Bring on school vouchers!! Demand competetion!!

(Bold emphasis made by this Blog)

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