Monday, March 22, 2004

Even with Sen. Kerry's bad week, The Bush team takes a hit

Ooops! Bush campaign gear made in Burma

"The official merchandise Web site for President George W. Bush's re-election campaign has sold clothing made in Burma, whose goods were banned by Bush from the U.S. last year to punish its military dictatorship."

I am certain it's been posted to other Blogs, and Jen was right to point it out on hers, so it bears mentioning here: Team Bush got tagged with illegal merchandise, it cannot be denied. The contractor handling the merchandise, Spalding Group, bears the responsibility, as they are the ones who place the orders with their subcontractors, but the buck stops at the Bush Campaign, and they need to get out front and say 'yes, we gave the contractor our instructions, and yes they didn't deliver the correct goods.'

Undoubtedly this kind of mistake will cost Spalding Group business in one way or other --- lower negotiated prices in the future, or sales going to their competetors. That's the nature of capitalism, and that's how they ought to be handled.

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