Monday, January 26, 2004

So, who will be asked to step aside?

Think back to October of '03: California (Kali-Forn-ee-a), the Gubentorial Recall.

From the time the wheels of the process were formerly put into motion, there were three principle candidates: on the Left, Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante versus the two candidates on the right: Tom McClintock and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And from day 2 of this process, the media hounded Mr. McClintock daily, asking when he was going to step aside to unitfy the party. He didn't stand a chance, they said, so why not get behind Arnold now?

Asking that question is the right of the media, no doubt. And history shows that Mr. McClintock did not win -- it was not even close. Fine.

The ninedwarfs are down to seven now, and evenutally ought to be done to one (I said evnetually, for there may be a Convention nominee before we're through, and who knows if one of these gents becomes a psedo-Independent?).

Regardless, no one in the media is peppering any of these candidates with the question "When are you going to step aside?"

Wouldn't in be in the Party's interest if these candidates started to step away, allowing the stronger candidates more time to get their message across? Why aren't any of them endorsing the stronger 'Men who would be's"??

What's the hesitation??

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