Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dean cuts TV Spots, Trippi

My Way News: "Howard Dean will not air ads in any of the seven states holding elections next week, officials said Thursday, a risky strategy that puts him at a distinct disadvantage with high-spending rivals for the Democratic nomination.

With his money and momentum depleted, Dean decided to save his ad money for the Feb. 7 elections in Michigan and Washington state and, 10 days later, the primary in Wisconsin, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Dean runs the risk of falling off the political map with seven defeats Tuesday, the officials acknowledged. Dean is gambling that he can pick up delegates with second- and third-place finishes while rivals John Edwards and Wesley Clark spend themselves out of the race.

Officials hope that Dean emerges later in February as an alternative to front-runner John Kerry and engages in 'guerrilla warfare' until he wins the nomination or is mathematically eliminated."

Indeed I am surprised! For weeks on end we heard of the war chest amassed by Gov. Dean's campaign that I thought he would have the upper-hand in the primaries held in multiple-states. Since no one candidate can be in more than one state at a time (not even the General himself, Gen. Clark), Dean's money could buy TV time in every primary state.

Perhaps the media reports were presenting things rosier than they were.

On another note: Joe Trippi has been removed as head of the Dean Campaign. A casual look at BlogForAmerica (now no longer accepting comments from unregistered users) shows a mixture of posts that range from "thanks for getting us this far, Joe" to "Wait, you can't go; we can't win without you!" to "WHAT?? An Al Gore insider?? What about how we were going to change America??".

One has to wonder what is going on inside that campaign.

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