Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The Race Card, Dealt From the Bottom

KYW NewsRadio 1060 - Commentary Report

Philadelphia Talk Radio Host Michael Smerconish on race in Philly Public Schools:

(11/19/03) On Monday, there was a protest against the Philadelphia School District. The protestors want more Afrocentric lessons and black teachers.

Fair enough. I disagree with the mindset that if you have “x” percent black students, you need “x” percent black teachers, but to each his own.

There is nothing new about protests, and certainly not of the school system. But here is what was new at the protest, and very troubling.

Some protestors had signs that said “Paul Vallas is a racist liar” and “Get white teachers out of our children’s faces.”

That is despicable. And that is racist. And we need to say so.

If we don’t confront those who are so quick to play the race card, who in the world is going to want to have a job like that held by Paul Vallas?

I submit Mr. Smerconish is wrong when he claims the mindset of "x% black students, x% black teachers' is fair enough but overall I agree with him. To think otherwise is to suggest racism is a one-way street.

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