Friday, October 31, 2003



"Well let's review...

The growth rate today was 7.2%, the highest in 19 years.

Who was President 19 years ago?

What did that President do to tax rates 2 years before that?

What did Bush do to taxes 2 years ago?

Who kept telling us to base our votes on the economy?"

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A different point of view

I agree with this position in many ways. However, if a certain former President can take credit for growth in the ecomomy (that began before his tenure), then the incumbent can certainly take credit for the growth that begins in his term. Oh, and the dip in the economy that is being reversed by this growth? Yeah, well, that began during the final months of the former President....

PoliBlog: Bush and the Politics of the Economy:

Lest anyone think that in my comments on the economy I am in any way stating that Bush is responsible for the recovery, please note that I agree with James of OTB on this subject: Presidents get too much credit for good economies and too blame for bad ones.

Indeed, I have noted before that Presidents have less control over budgets (especially vis-a-vis deficits and surpluses) than they like to pretend. I made specific comments on Presidents and the economy itself here.

Now, I do think that various policies, such as the monetary policy fostered by the Fed, and the tax cuts, helped, but I do not believe that they explain the recovery.
However, it is clear, that regardless of where the credit should be placed, there is one thing that is clear: if the economy is good, that helps a president running for re-election.
Also, enough with the 'Is she going to run?' stories on the cable news nets. She isn't--especially if the economy is going to recover (and if you don't know who 'she' is, what are you doign reading a political blog? :)"

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The Politics of the Economy

PoliBlog: The Politics of the Economy: "The Politics of the Economy
Joining the, 'Yes, 7.2% growth is nice, but will it conitue, and what about the jobs?' crowd is Paul Krugman.

While I take the point that one quarter does not a recovery make, most analysts seems to think that there is more going on here than one good quarter, althought granted, we shall see. Still, it is hard not to read some of these pieces with a straight face, as it so clearly the case that partisanship is radically coloring the analysis. (What? Paul Krugman placing partisanship before good analysis, surely you jest!-ed.).
Another example is a Slate piece from yesterday."

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Clinton-Gore Economic Boom Continues

ScrappleFace: Clinton-Gore Economic Boom Continues: "Clinton-Gore Economic Boom Continues
(2003-10-31) -- The latest figures on decreased jobless claims and a huge increase in third-quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) signal a continuation of the Clinton-Gore economic boom, according to an expert.

'After a brief two year 'hiccup' the wisdom of Clinton-Gore still shines through,' said one unnamed itinerant professor who has taught at the University of California Los Angeles, Columbia University, Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University. 'Any time economic indicators are this good, you can take it as an article of faith that it's the legacy of the two best men ever elected President -- Bill Clinton and Al Gore.'"

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Gross Domestic Product Leaps Ahead!!!!

The economy grew at a scorching 7.2 percent annual rate in the third quarter in the strongest pace in nearly two decades. Consumers spent with abandon and businesses ramped up investment, compelling new evidence of an economic resurgence.

The increase in gross domestic product (search), the broadest measure of the economy's performance, in the July-September quarter was more than double the 3.3 percent rate registered in the second quarter, the Commerce Department (search) reported Thursday.

The 7.2 percent pace marked the best showing since the first quarter of 1984. It exceeded analysts' forecasts for a 6 percent growth rate for third-quarter GDP, which measures the value of all goods and services produced within the United States.

The economy's recovery from the 2001 recession has resembled the side of a jagged cliff; a quarter of strength often has been followed by a quarter of weakness. But analysts are saying that pattern could be broken, considering increasing signs the economy finally has shaken its lethargy and is perking up.

Near rock-bottom short-term interest rates, along with President Bush's third round of tax cuts, have helped the economy shift into a higher gear during the summer, economists say. The next challenge is making sure the rebound is self-sustaining, they say.

OK, lets here the Democrats say the Tax Cuts aren't helping the Economy!!

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Zell Miller Endorses Bush

Zell Miller Endorses Bush:

"SENATOR ZELL MILLER OF GEORGIA, the nation's most prominent conservative Democrat, said today he will endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004 and campaign for him if Bush wishes him to. Miller said Bush is 'the right man at the right time' to govern the country.

The next five years 'will determine the kind of world my children and grandchildren will live in,' Miller said in an interview. And he wouldn't 'trust' any of the nine Democratic presidential candidates with governing during 'that crucial period,' he said. 'This Democrat will vote for President Bush in 2004.' "

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hollywood Americans Flock to Get on NRA Blacklist

Americans Flock to Get on NRA Blacklist
Most blacklists are designed to intimidate. But thousands of Americans are clamoring to join one drawn up by the National Rifle Association.

Actor Dustin Hoffman was so dismayed to find his name missing from the NRA's shadowy 19-page list of U.S. companies, celebrities, and news organizations seen as lending support to anti-gun policies that he wrote to the powerful pro-gun lobby group begging to be included.

Now I am not angry Dustin Hoffman, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, et al, want to voice their opposition for the 2nd Amendment and all it stands for. I think they're being myopic in their views, but their entitled to them.

I find it interesting that the NRA is considered to be an undercover influence on Washington, D.C., when this group, is acting as their own lobby!! Is it wrong for the NRA to have lobby strength in DC, but it's OK for an Anti-NRA to have that power?

Katz said the campaigners hoped to expose the NRA's influence in Washington,
D.C., spur opposition to a bill that would grant immunity in civil cases for gun
manufacturers and dealers, and gather support for renewal of a 1994 ban on the
sale of military assault weapons.

You read the article, and decide for yourself.

Updated: On Jun 29, 2008 a reader commented about the 2003 post; the link to the article was broken, as was the link to Additionally, my formatting was horrible in those days. So I cleaned up the post a bit, and thus it got bumped.

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Let's have Zero-Tolerence on Zero-Tolerence!!

Can anyone show me a more perfect exampel of how NOT to run a school? Here we have the son of not one but too active military personnel, beign persecuted because he is acting like a 14 year old!!

'Patriotic' Stick Figure Drawing Troubles School

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
NEW YORK — A 14-year-old New Jersey schoolboy — whose dad and stepdad are in the military — was suspended for five days because he drew a "patriotic" stick figure of a U.S Marine blowing away a Taliban fighter, officials said yesterday.

HEAVEN FORBID!!! I imagine these administrators would have been equally outraged had the boy drawn a Nazi-SS being shot in 1944!

"He's been punished for the drawing," said Tinton Falls school superintendent Leonard Kelpsh. "We felt it was highly inappropriate, and we took it very seriously."

"Truth be told, it's a Marine shooting a terrorist Taliban," he told The Post. "It's just a picture. What upsets me most is that the principal would dare say it's not normal. To me, it's patriotic."

Scott's stepmom, Kim Switzer, 36, told The Post her son suffers from attention deficit disorder. The boy lives with his stepmom and father, who is serving as a Navy engineer aboard the USS Detroit in the Persian Gulf. Scott's stepfather is in the Army.

Well, you know, the school district has to be careful! Let's consult the local psychologist!

But a local psychologist who examined the teenager said the sketch was benign.

"I don't attribute pathological significance to it," said Dr. Gloria Tillman, a psychologist who treated the boy for ADD.

"I have to wonder what is expected of our children today when 1) our country is at war and 2) both his father and stepfather are out fighting the war."


Scott's mother said school officials described the drawing as "not the work of a normal mind."

Scott said he understood the school's concern for student safety, but was offended by the principal's comments.

"Truth be told, I'm more upset that he'd insinuate that I'm mentally unstable," he said. "I'm the class clown. I'm not a bully."

You're wrong on one point, Scott. You aren't the clown: the principal of the school is. More is the pity.

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What am I listening to, right now?

Moxy Fruvous, Jockey Full of Bourbon.

I can't decide which I like more, the band's name or the song's title?

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Bush Rice '04: Ensuring America's Future

Bush Rice '04: Ensuring America's Future (

"Welcome to, where our mission is to convince President Bush that his best chance at reelection, and the Republican party's best chance for victory in 2008, is to choose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate in the 2004 presidential election."


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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I'm ready to donate!!

Durango Herald Online:

Those who know me realize I give blood frequently, so will come as no surprise that I am willing to donate. So why can't I have this added the next time the Blood Mobile comes to my office??

"Participants in a United Blood Services blood drive donated in the name of one of the four Durango breweries. They received a free pint of beer in exchange. "

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Monday, October 27, 2003

TIp of my hat to both Ms. Jessica & Mr. Sullivan

Jessica's Well - A Midland, Texas Blog on Media and Government.: "'It is, I think, true to say that the intelligentsia have been more wrong about the progress of the war than the common people, and that they were more swayed by partisan feelings. The average intellectual of the Left believed, for instance, that the war was lost in 1940, that the Germans were bound to overrun Egypt in 1942, that the Japanese would never be driven out of the lands they had conquered, and that the Anglo-American bombing offensive was making no impression on Germany. He could believe these things because his hatred for the British ruling class forbade him to admit that British plans could succeed. There is no limit to the follies that can be swallowed if one is under the influence of feelings of this kind. I have heard it confidently stated, for instance, that the American troops had been brought to Europe not to fight the Germans but to crush an English revolution. One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.' - George Orwell - Notes on Nationalism.
Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan

Posted by Walsingham at October 27, 2003 12:53 PM | TrackBack "

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Gains in Wages Expected to Give Economy a Lift

Gains in Wages Expected to Give Economy a Lift: " Gains in Wages Expected to Give Economy a Lift

The economy is gaining speed, in part thanks to the tax cuts. Don't believe me? Ask the New York Times:

Wage increases for employees at almost all income levels are giving important and unexpected support to the nation's economy. If the gains continue, they offer hope that the rapid economic expansion of recent months could prove more durable than other spurts of growth over the last two years.

Forecasters expect the Commerce Department to say in its quarterly report on Thursday that the economy grew about 6 percent in the three-month period ending in September, which would be the fastest pace since 1999. Most of that growth stemmed from a sharp rise in consumer spending, driven largely by a continuing boom in mortgage refinancing and checks that were mailed out as part of the recent tax cut. "

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Yahoo! News - WHY WE HATE BUSH:

Three years later, and Ted Rall still can't get over what even the NY Times revealed as true:

Geroge. W. Bush won more votes in Florida than Vice President Al Gore. And while many can say Mr. Gore won more popular votes nationwide, those who do are ignorant of the Constitutional rules for electing a president regarding the electorial college.

"Bush isn't president, but he plays one on TV. His presence in the White House is an affront to everything that this country stands for. His fake presidency is treasonous; our passive tolerance for it sad testimony to post-9/11 cowardice. As I wrote in December 2000, 'George W. Bush is not the President of the United States of America.' And millions of Americans agree. "

Rave on Mr. Rall. You make for humorours reading!

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PoliBlog: Terror in Iraq

PoliBlog: Terror in Iraq: "Terror in Iraq
First UN HQ, now the Red Cross. Clearly this is a fight not just against Americans (so would all those who think that if we just had more UN support, the attacks would stop, please put that argument away). Further, the goal is clearly to either return Iraq to the status quo ante or to establish a new dictatorship along the lines of what was in Afghanistan."

Thank you, Steve, for summing it up succinctly!

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Setting CBS' fiction straight

Douglas W. Kmiec on Reagan & AIDS on National Review Online

Douglas Kmiec was legal counsel to President Reagan, and he sets the record straight about Mr. Reagan's stance on AIDS in the 1980's. Perhaps CBS should have consulted those who were involved in the Reagan White House before signin-off on the slam-job they are presenting:

The historical record is plain: Ronald Reagan was not indifferent toward those who suffered with AIDS; rather, having taken an oath to "take care that the laws are faithfully executed," he did just that — even when it was of no discernible political benefit to him or his party, and reasonable minds could and did disagree. History should be retold, not rewritten.

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Jessica's Well offers this interesting compromise for a boycott:

"Ass-Clown 'documentarian' Michael Moore has called for a boycott of Wal-Mart until such time they stop selling ammunition for handguns. Coincidentally, Wal-Mart also sells Moore's latest book 'Dude, Where's My Country'.

In the spirit of compromise I suggest that we not buy Moore's book from Wal-Mart. Or anywhere else for that matter.
And take a look at that Photoshop job on the cover of his book. Moore's face hasn't been that thin since he was 11."

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

New Host

This then is the first post to BlogSpot, my new host.

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Tony Snow moves on....

Poliblogger reports that Fox News' Tony Snow, host of FOX NEWS SUNDAY and WEEKEND LIVE will be moving on to his own nationally syndicated radio program.

He will remain a FNC contributor, but will have to relinguish his show host duties.

I first began reading Tony Snow's opinion pieces a few years ago and found them to be enlightening and enjoying. He always dealt with the issues evenhandedly, and did remarkably well on FNS dealing with all sorts of politicans. While he joins an elite crowd on the radio dial, I will miss him on Sunday's bringing light to the issues.

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Imus and Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas discuss the war in Iraq.

Governor Mike Huckabee: "How can you appease France? How do you do that? I don't know and I don't think ever will. You can't particularly if you are in a position of leadership. It's lead, follow or get out of the way. Some point in the country you have to look at the world situation and say look folks, we are going to lead, you can follow or you can get the heck out of the way. I think there comes a time diplomacy should be employed. I think we've tried but you cannot wait on the slowest member of the group before you start moving the whole posse."

Well said!

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Yahoo! News - 300 Illegal Workers Arrested at Wal-Marts: "WASHINGTON - Federal officials arrested more than 300 illegal workers at 61 Wal-Mart stores across the country early Thursday morning and searched the Bentonville, Ark., office of one of the retail chain's corporate executives.
The people arrested were detained at local immigration offices, the official said. If they had no previous criminal record, they were released with notices to appear before immigration judges. "

Ladies and gentlemen, there's the rub! If these people broke federal immigration laws already, why relaese them with a bench notice?? Do you really think they're suddenly going to get honest and show up for their hearing??

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Blog for America : The Storm, Pumpkins & Snow | October 23, 2003: "Call me crazy, but aren't Halloween masks supposed to be scary?
Now if you were giving away Al Gore masks, well, *THAT* would make sense!!
Posted by: Charlie on the PA Turnpike at October 23, 2003 10:22 AM | Link "

Redundent? Sure.. but it's on the Dean For America Blog!!

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Blog for America : The Storm, Pumpkins & Snow | October 23, 2003:

"I've started to hear rumblings of Dean Halloween activities -- upload DEAN pumpkin pictures here. You can download the Dean Halloween mask here. Any other Halloween ideas? It is, after all, one of the original American outreach events.

Call me crazy, but aren't Halloween masks supposed to be scary?

Now if you were giving away Al Gore masks, well, *THAT* would make sense!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

"Americans Are Losing the Victory..."

Hat's off to Jessica Well for this piece pointing out the 'folly' of our occupation in Iraq. Read this before you continue to believe that things in Iraq are as bad as being reported.

Tony Snow on Fox News Sunday (10/19/2003):

"Rummaging through the Internet, I came across an alarming dispatch from the war, bearing the headline: "Americans Are Losing the Victory..."

The upshot was that just seven months after the end of hostilities, things are a complete and deteriorating mess. Here are some of the more depressing details. A soldier says, "We've lost the peace. We can't make it stick."

The writer observes, "Never has American prestige in Europe (search) been lower. People never tire of telling you of the ignorance and rowdy-ism of American troops." The French warn that, "our policy is producing results opposite too those we planned." Meanwhile, some troops are tired of talk about grants to the war-torn nation. Says one, "Let them pay for it. It's their fault."

And finally, this: "A great many Europeans feel that the cure has been worse than the disease... The time has come for our own future security, to give the best we have to the world instead of the worst."

Sound familiar? The author of the piece: John Dos Passos. The source: Life Magazine. The date: January 7, 1946.

A tip of the hat to the Jessica's Well Web site for this item."

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Monday, October 20, 2003

So what's new?

Few long-time readers know this Blog was born out of the stale 'what's new' page on my website. The website and this Blog have gone through various degrees of updates... but a simple examination shows I've had something on the web for some years now.

I am hopeul to increase that presense with a workable Blog interface, possibly with beloved Blogger, and make this jounral even more relavant.

In one of the last postings to my What's New page, I mentioned surviving a round of layoffs. I realized I made it through 2 other layoffs since then and didn't mention the bittersweetness of those events: in order to save my position, others lost theirs. Despite an unrelenting drive for self-preservation, that others are now unemployed cannot be ignored.

Let's see if I survive the next round!

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For the record…

  • Al Franken & Michael Moore are guilty of the same negative rhetoric they claim President Bush has engaged in.

  • Rush Limbaugh was right about the media treatment of Donovan McNabb.

  • Rush Limbaugh is not a hypocrite.

  • Al Franken chalks his good fortune not to become addicted to cocaine as being ‘the toss of the dice’.  By that reasoning, Rush Limbaugh’s addiction is the result of opposite luck.

  • Tom McClintoch would have been a good Governor of California; Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be a bad Governor of California.

  • Kobe Bryant is guilty of adultery and poor judgment, but unlikely anything else (in particular: rape).

  • The 9 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates are lying when they say President Bush lied.  That goes for Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), too.

  • The Florida Courts are wrong for legally allowing a patient to starve.

  • The next time you read or hear a venomous attack against those who espouse Conservative values, ask your self whose being ‘mean-spirited’.

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Friday, October 17, 2003

Governor Dean Unveils Economic Plan :

The main points of the Dean economic program consists of:

1. JOB CREATION: A short-term stimulus to create 1 million new jobs through a $100 billion Fund to Restore America that will help states and local governments create jobs in health, education, and homeland security, as well as build or restore schools, roads and other infrastructure.

So what is the purpose of this fund? Is it like the WPA of years past? If so, how will that wash with labor unions, who would want their members to have first crack at any employment? Will the call to insist that these new employees be protected by unions be repeated, as was with the airport security (and we've seen how well that has worked lately!)? Can anyone tell me how government 'creates' jobs, at all, let alone in targeted fields?

2. FISCAL DISCIPLINE: Repeal all the president's tax cuts, pay for new programs without increasing the deficit, and a pledge to balance the budget.

Not even the leading Democrats in Congress agree with repealing all of the Bush tax cuts. Lets assume the country is basically 40% Democrat, 40% Republican, and 20% Undecided. Are you betting that only the Republican voters are enjoying paying *less* taxes?? Tell me, Gov. Dean, are you sure you're not on Sen. Clinton's 2008 Campain already??

You pledge to pay for new programs without increasing the deficit: can't that be done by cutting spending (something Republicans used to do, something they used to promise to do, but not for some time, sadly)??

3. HELP FOR SMALL BUSINESS: A new Small Business Capital Corporation to expand the secondary market for small business loans and make capital for these job creators available more easily and at a lower cost.

Is this a new Small Business agency, or an overhaul of the SBA? Please, some clarity would be nice.

4. TAX FAIRNESS: An aggressive effort to clean up the tax code, end corporate welfare, close tax loopholes, enhance enforcement against tax cheats and to shift the burden of taxation back toward corporations giving fairer treatment to individual taxpayers.

Here we have some agreement: enforceing the laws against tax cheats. However I do recall some Congressional hearings where many in Congress chastised the IRS; can you make this proposal work with them?

Ending corporate welfare is a nice battle cry. However, how many of these corporations wouldn't think twice to move out of the US to nation's that offer some tax considerations?

Shifting the burden to Corporations is also a red herring: if the Corps pay more, that will be reflected in their stock dividens (sharehodlers who, oddly enough, are also voters). Further, the Corps will pass their added expenses on to their customers (again, voters). So what to you gain with this idea?

5. TAX SIMPLIFICATION: A commitment to tax simplification so that at least half of American taxpayers will no longer have to fill out forms.

Another area we can agree. Tell me, Gov. Dean, do you recall the criticism levied against Sen. Robert Dole when he propsoed the same idea during his failed 1996 presidential run? Why is your idea any different?

6. A BETTER DEAL FOR WORKING FAMILIES: Addressing working families' anxieties about making ends meet with a higher minimum wage, universal health care, greater assistance with early education and care and college for their kids and a secure retirement.

This one is a hoot. Please tell me: outside of a relatively few American's who've inheritied their abundent wealth, can you please point to an American family that isn't 'working'? Even Bill Gates' works for his money, so his family would easily be called a 'working family'.

Hiking minimum wage is another red herring. Doing so is more symbollic than anything else. For starters, no one ever takes a job with the expectation of never rising above minimum wage. Any employee worth his or her salt would either get an increase after proving their worth or move on to another job that will recognize their worth. Sure, there are temporary or short-term jobs, but these are far from the norm. If an employer can afford to pay 2 workers less than minimum wage, but only one worker at minimum wage, which scenario do you think is more worthwhile? I say the former, but you'd probably disagree.

(Isn't it ironic that President Clinton was quoted in Time Magazine (Feb. 6, 1995) as saying
"Hiking the minimum wage is the wrong way to raise the incomes of low-wage earners." ? Maybe he realized what I've said is true.)

Universal health is a sure thing! Why just ask then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. The American people let her know they disliked government control of 1/7th of the US economy. Hasn't Gov. Dean learned from the past?

Greater assistance for early education?? There are public schools and head-start already! Why don't the American people drop their kids off at a State run facility right after birth and be done with them? How much control do you want the government to have over our children?

College? Has anyone ever pointed out that not *everyone* is college material? And for those that are, aren't there public colleges in every state already?? Or are you promising a Harvard education for every person??

Secure retirement: we already have a Ponzi scheme called "Social Security"; you have spoken against allowing people to voluntarily invest a mere 2% of their funds privately. What, then, do you bring to the table?

Lots of nice platitudes in this economic plan. If Gov. Dean is the winner of the Primaries, and he sticks with plans like this, I think it's easy to forecast Sen. Clinton's 2008 campaign.

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"Porn disclaimer"

A friend of mine works in the Anti-SPAM group here at Microsoft. When he joined the group, he was required to sign a disclaimer to signify that he was aware that in the process of doing his job, he might see pornographic and other possibly objectionable materials.

It makes sense, of course - wouldn't want some naive employee to get offended and sue the company for putting such 'offensive' material in their faces (but then again, who with an email account doesn't see porn spam all the time anyway?). But the overall idea of a disclaimer that says 'Yes, it's okay if I see porn' just cracks me up. "

Years ago I worked for a VAR of financial software. One of our clients was a publisher of adult magazines. In every office or large cubicle, the last 3 or 4 issues of the company's flagship publications were spread out on a coffee table or bookshelf.

Your entry makes wonder if those employees are/were required to sign such a disclaimer!

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Dow Falls 1, Nasdaq Climbs 9 (AP)
AP - Disappointing revenue at IBM weighed on stocks Thursday, but the overall market put together a modest advance as more companies reported better-than-expected earnings.

GOOD HEAVENS! The Dow 'fell' 1 point! Time to jump out a window!!

Tell me again there's not a slant in the media!

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BillMaher: Rush Limbaugh: "Because Rush wants, and is already getting, a lot of compassion for this. Let me add my full hearted endorsement of that, and hope for a successful rehab, and a happy life for him whatever he wants to do thereafter. Rush Limbaugh was the first one to say 'Bill Maher was right' when I was in the hot seat after 911, and I will always appreciate and remember that. He also has a good sense of humor, and enjoys jokes I've done about him. I want to be able to back him."

As I've said in an earlier post, love him or hate him, Bill Maher isn't the demon many paint him to be. I do not agree with everything he says, but he certainly has a right to say it.

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meryl's notes: BOOK RECALL!: "Book Recall
Yes, there is a recall on a book! I get the CPSC recalls via email and couldn't help but read this one. Candle and Soap Making For Dummies Instruction Book Recalled because one of the instructions in the book could potentially burn. Only 5,400 units are being recalled, so it's not exactly a best seller."

This deserves a response of "Ummmm... yeah."<

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Friday, October 03, 2003

BillMaher: Rushing to Judgement:

Love him or hate him, Bill Maher makes sense more often than not!

"Rushing to Judgement
Rush Limbaugh had to resign from his ESPN NFL broadcasting job for suggesting his fellow sportscasters overrated Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. Limbaugh also didn't help himself when he outted McNabb's wife as a CIA operative.
But, this time, Rush Limbaugh isn't the big, fat idiot. He wasn't implying that we'd all be better off if society were segregated, as Trent Lott did, or that blacks don't possess the 'necesseties' to be baseball managers, as Al Campanis did. He was simply suggesting that some sportscasters, recognizing a historic glass ceiling for African-American quarterbacks, may have been practicing a kind of 'accolades affirmative action.'
But, as we all know, in this country, when anybody makes anyone uncomfortable ever, they must lose their job. Sports Center is next. "

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Excessive Environmental Rhetoric

Played a CD from one of my favorite bands of all time, ZZ TOP. The album, Recycler, isn't one of their best, but still deserves an occasional play.

Regardless, I read through the liner notes and came across this little note:

- We Only Have 10 Years To Save Our Planet
It Starts With You And It's Easy
- Buy Environmentally Sound Products
- Pressure Political Leaders
- Love And Respect All Life
- Turn Off Lights
- Car Pool
- Recycle

Now on their own, these are good ideas, and while I endorse them (with the possible exception of the vauge pressure to be applied to political leaders), I am willing to wager that most Environametalists think we need to do more to save the world.

If that's the case, doesn't this environmental theme loose it's credibility when the release date of the ZZ Top CD was 1990? I mean, either we've accomplished the stated goal of saving the planet, or the prediction of gloom was false... right?

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