Thursday, August 07, 2003

TIME TO ACT! The Boy Scouts of America are under attack!

A U.S. District Court judge ruled last Thursday the Boy Scouts is a religious organization, and the agreement to use Balboa Park (San Diego, CA) violates the First Amendment's ban on state-sponsored religion.

Last week, the ACLU successfully won a lower court ruling, suggesting that BSA is a religious organization. Anyone even remotely familiar with BSA knows that while BSA professes a 'duty to God', it does not specifcially identify a 'god', nor does it limit the deity (Scouts can worship Mother Nature).

This is the latest in a string of attacks against BSA in all areas. Recently, in Philadelphia, the City has been pressured to revoke a multi-decade lease to the local BSA, on the grounds that they discriminate. The United Way, the group that pressures you donate each year with their office-based fund drives, the group that was involved in the mismanagement of the millions donated to the Septemeber 11th relief funds, is now agressively acting to pull all of its funding from BSA across the nation.

It is time to stand up for the rights of BSA, as a private organization, to freely associate as it sees fit. United Way, et al, are free to give the money it has to whomever it wants, and BSA is free to admit members as it sees fit. The twisting of the laws (as seen above) is doing tremendous damage to the BSA, and it needs to be fought and won.

For starters, you can reject the bully ways of the United Way by making your donations to your local charities yourself, and not to UW. While your money will eventually get to your charities via UW, they take overhead out, so why not see to it that every cent of your money goes to your charity? Reject their bully ways, reject their attacks on BSA, and donate directly to your charities, and to BSA. Go to your local Troop or Pack, or click here:

For more news on these attacks:

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