Thursday, August 07, 2003

Bill O'Reilly Talking Points

The ACLU Strikes Again
It is well past time for Americans to begin dealing with the insanity that is taking place in the courts, in the press, and in the schools. In recent weeks, we have been told by a city councilman who favors reparations that Abraham Lincoln didn't much care about freeing the slaves, by a Boston University professor that there was no rivalry between the radical preacher Jesus and some in the Jewish hierarchy, and by an Episcopal bishop that there is no tension between the gay bishop and some scriptural passages.

Come on. Denying the obvious is intellectually dishonest. We are now living in a time where facts and evidence no longer exist for agenda-driven fanatics. And few in the media are challenging the insanity.

Usually, we debate issues here on The Factor. Not tonight. This Boy Scout ruling by Judge Napoleon Jones in San Diego is simply dangerous and should be condemned by all fair-minded Americans. When judges have the power to subvert the Constitution, rather than uphold it, we are all in major trouble. And that's the situation we are facing with the ACLU, again leading the way.

Read the entire Talking Point here. Stand up for the BSA!

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