Monday, July 28, 2003

Drunk man pussywhips fiancee in feline felony

You read that headline correctly!!

July 28 2003 at 01:15PM
Ludwigslust, Germany - A man who whipped his fiancee with a cat faces prosecution under Germany's strict animal-rights laws, police said Monday.

In a drunken rage, the 43-year-old picked up the pet cat and repeatedly beat his fiancee with the feline until the animal was a bloody pulp.

It was unclear whether the 49-year-old woman would file charges of assault. She sustained cuts and bruises.

The cat did not survive and the man now faces prosecution under stiff animal-rights laws.

A year ago, Germany amended its constitution to protect the rights of all animals. Persons who unlawfully harm or kill animals are liable to steep fines and jail terms. - Sapa-DPA

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