Monday, June 30, 2003

DO NOT CALL is not as good as it sounds!

This week, the National Do-Not-Call system took effect, and that has me concerned.

I despise telemarketers, most notably those who call at off-hours. I don't conduct any business with anyone who makes unsolicited calls, so I make that point know definitely before I terminate an incoming call such as these.

Practically speaking, I do not like this system. The Federal gov't has just made restricted a perfectly legal act (telelmarketing); indirectly, that is a restriction on free speech. Now if they said calls between 9:00pm-7:00am were restricted, that would be less of an intrusion (akin to legislation long on the books for disturbing the peace).

In fact, I am uncertain how this ruling came into being: was it a law signed by the President or an act of the FTC?? From all I can see at the FTC's website, it was there decision. So now an agency that is not represented by the voters is making restrictions on speech? This is scary stuff, people!!

I'd prefer telemarketers no call me, but then I'd prefer to buy a magazine and not have the postage-paid cards fall out of them every three pages... advertising is essential to making money for all businesses. Restriction of free speech affects ALL of us.

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