Friday, May 30, 2003


In a speech to a local Democratic club, former US Attorney General and Florida gubernatorial candidate Janet Reno made comparisons to the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the US Republican party.

In a speech that was intended to motivate the Democratic Club of Greater Boca Raton to get organized, Ms Reno expressed what she thought the party must do to win the presidential election in 2004.

"We should be more organized than the Republicans who have traditionally out-organized us,"

Motivation is fine, and few would want people to get politically involved any more than I. However, Ms. Reno drew a comparision between Nazi Germany and her party's opponents that is beneath contempt.

One part of Reno's speech, which touched upon issues such as classroom sizes, health care and the criminal justice system, seemed to speak directly to Goldfarb. Reno spoke about visiting the Dachau concentration camp in Germany as a child and learning what had happened.
"I went back and asked my adult German friends, 'How could you let that happen?' " Reno said. "They said, 'We just stood by.' "

She looked right into the audience and told them that's why she was there. She had no intention of just standing by.
"And don't you just stand by," Reno said.

For a former Attorney General who ought to know better, this was clearly a calculated speech to whip up support, and is nothing less than mean-spirited rhetoric. For the Democrats to resort to this depth so far outside of an election, they must truly doubt they can win on their own ideas or principles.

Reno spurs Boca's Democratic Club

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