Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Senator John Kerry obviously feels the stings of his comment made last week suggesting that the US is a moral equivilent to Iraq.

TheBostonChannel.com - Politics - Kerry: Democracy Means He Can Criticize Kerry: Democracy Means He Can Criticize
Senator Has Come Under Attack For Suggesting 'Regime Change'

Now no one has suggested Sen. Kerry thinks the Bush administration gasses its own people (like Saddam Hussein), but if words have meaning (and I believe they do), they need to be held accountable.

No one suggests Sen. Kerry should be prohibited from speaking his mind about President Bush's polocies, or administration, or even the war itself. But when you make such an absurd statement, people will take notice.

Compare and contrast what Sen. Kerry said to what Sen. Trent Lott said, when he merely suggested things would be better if a 100 year old man had actually won his presidential bid some 50 years ago. Many called for Sen. Lott to step down; is that the idea of democracy Sen. Kerry has in mind? If so, perhaps he should step down.

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