Tuesday, April 29, 2003

News NBC's Banfield Chided Over Criticisms

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - NBC News president Neal Shapiro has taken correspondent Ashleigh Banfield to the woodshed for a speech in which she criticized the networks for portraying the Iraqi war as "glorious and wonderful."
Banfield delivered her remarks Thursday at Kansas State University.
"She and we both agreed that she didn't intend to demean the work of her colleagues, and she will choose her words more carefully in the future," an NBC spokeswoman said Monday.
Other sources inside NBC said Banfield promised, in effect, not to do it again and to check her facts before making public statements in the future. Banfield had criticized NBC in the speech for closing its bureau in Kabul, Afghanistan, a statement that the network said was untrue.

Gee, I always thought news correspondents always checked their facts before making public statements. Is this a concept Ms. Banfield is unfamiliar with??

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