Friday, March 28, 2003

In the New Jersey's The Trentonian newspaper, an article described how 'shocked and outraged' a resident was because the borough's mayor, Edward "Buddy" Tyler, ordered the removal of a yellow ribbon placed upon the borough's welcome sign.

My everlasting respect and support of our troops notwithstanding, I am inclined to agree with the mayor's point, that public signage is no place for personal flags or other items. However,
Mayor Tyler "emphasized how important the rule of law with the Iraq situation, and said he didn’t support the American attack against Saddam Hussein."

Gee, so does that mean the local resident should have been allowed to keep her ribbon on the sign for 12 years, and through 17 votes of the town council, before the local police enforced the law? After all, isn't that what Iraq has done??

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