Wednesday, January 08, 2003

 The latest in absurdities from the Left: anyone who drives a SUV is as guilty as anyone who buys illegal drugs.

According to a piece in the venerable NY Times, TV Ads Say S.U.V. Owners Support Terrorists anyone who drives an SUV is endangering our national security. Since SUV's use a lot of gas, and the oil for that gas comes from the Middle East, the logical conclusion (so they say) is that the driver funds terrorists.

This, of course, is laughable. By extension, any time any person takes a Sunday drive, they are funding terrorists. Any time some one lets their car warm up on a cold, winter day: funding terrorism. What's that?? You drove your car on vacation? The terrorists won again!

Never let it be said, however, that the number of Whitehouse bar-be-ques with invited guests (who happen to head terrorists groups) did anything to further terror in the world. Pish-posh, indeed!

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