Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I never thought it would ever happen, but it did!!

I was part of a telephone poll. No! I don't mean a piece of wood holding up wires, I mean a political poll. Little ol' me. They asked for the male head of household, and that meant me. So the questions went on about the upcoming governor's race in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the race for the local House of Representative's seat.

Anyone who knows me knows where I lean, so that telling you my specific position here will only bore those of you who have managed to not to go to the Sports Illustrated website already (notice how I am not providing the link). Anyone else who doesn't know my political leanings can look about my site for clues.

Anyway, my point -- and I do have one -- (thank you Ellen) is that I was taken about by the push-poll tactic that I found distasteful during the presidential primaries in 2000. Even after establishing my desire to unseat the incumbent, the pollster asked: "Representative has allegedly arranged for some $9-million in federal funds to a company owed by his daughter; would that make you more likely or less likely to vote for him?" The next question, even more leading, stated that the same company rents space in a building owned by the incumbent. I then asked the pollster if the next question asked if I would still vote for the incumbent knowing he beat his dog -- the pollster couldn't handle such an off-the-script question.

I asked for the name of the person or group who sponsored the poll, and I was referred to a supervisor. Not even the supervisor seemed to know, but, he said "I'll have someone call you back." Lets just say I am not waiting around for that call.

So, apparently the Representative of my district is funneling funds back home. While I can't say I am shocked, I had hoped the opposing party would have had more class than to engage in such push-polling. Let's hope my letter to the County Party office has some influence against these kinds of polls.

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