Thursday, January 17, 2002

Hey.. if you are reading this, you've shown some

  • initiative,
  • so curiosity,
  • or how bored you are.

  • Here's hoping for something positive!

    Blogger is interesting... haven't figured out why the HOME link won't go to my home, page but I am working on it.

    Back in the day when I first created a web page, I used trusty NOTEPAD and coded the HTML by hand. While I learned a lot about HTML that way, I've grown fat and lazy and these days rely on MS FrontPage for my editing. AOL in their infinite wisdom won't support FrontPage Extensions, so I am here.

    And please... if you are about to flame me on the disadvantages of FrontPage, of the superiority of Dream Weaver, etc. etc. etc. save your bandwidth. FrontPage is what I use, and that's the end of it. I won't criticise you, please extend me the same courtesy.

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